Jhoto, the interdimensional magician is stuck in the joined together dimension. To scape, it needs to recover enough power from the toho crystals. As you have lost your powers, you will need to traverse the world with ingenuity instead of magic. Use the characteristics of the jointed together objects of this dimension to take advantage, dodge the perils and get the toho crystals. 


CopyNow (CN) Cheesetea 
[~v~^~]>for the #GMTKJam 2021 

Complete Source Code available at github.

  • First Gameplay by Alfonso Carmona  (Beta2 version)
  • Second Gameplay by Carlos Perezgrin  (Final #GMTK version)

Install instructions

Just download, uncompress, execute and enjoy!


jhoto_windows.zip 22 MB
jhoto-Linux-x86_64.zip 24 MB

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